Images of Lemurs in the wild

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Lemurs are primitive primates endemic to the island of Madagascar. The ancestor of all lemurs is thought to have arrived in Madagascar on a raft of vegetation from mainland Africa approximately 65 million years ago.

Madagascar now has an incredibly diversity of lemur species, ranging in size form 30 grams up to 9 kilograms (the smallest are mouse lemurs and the largest living species is the indri). The array of different lemur species evolved to fill the varied ecological niches provided by Madagascar’s diverse habitats.

Brown Lemurs

There are five different families of lemur: True Lemurs, Sifakas & Indri, Sportive Lemurs, Mouse Lemurs and Aye-ayes. On this website you can find representatives of all families except the Aye-aye.

True lemurs, sifakas and indri are diurnal while mouse lemurs, sportive lemurs and aye-ayes are nocturnal. Lemur diets vary to a high degree and often include insects, fruits or leaves. Most diurnal lemurs are social and live in groups whereas nocturnal lemurs tend to be solitary. Unlike most primate and mammal species, lemurs often exhibit female dominance.

Mouse Lemur

In the Gallery you can find images of many lemur species from a several different habitats including montane rainforest, dry deciduous forests, gallery forests and spiny forests.

The lemur photos on this website were taken by Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas, find out more here: Behind the Photos.